Burton Joyce Bowls Club

We welcome new members

Why not come along and give bowls a try this summer?

Bowling is a great way to make new friends and have some gentle exercise in the fresh air. We are a friendly club and you will always get a game even if you are a beginner.


Where are we?

The green is at the Poplars Sports Ground, Station Road, NG14 5AN just over the railway crossing going down to the river in Burton Joyce (turn at the Barbers).

When do you bowl?

At Burton Joyce Bowls Club members can bowl from the end of April to mid September, every day of the week from 11am until early evening, subject to the rinks being free.

Will I get a game even if I am a beginner?

The approach of our club is that we will always try to ensure that you get a game even if you are new to bowls or an experienced player, selection is not just based on the top or more experienced players.

Can I play just for fun?

We have social bowling on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons from 1.45-4pm. Usually a draw takes place to determine teams, so you will always be included and get to know people very quickly. We may also have fun games days which are usually held at the weekend.

Can I come down and just practice or arrange my own games?

Although we encourage all our members to mix in at the regular fixtures, the green is also available daily with the use of your own access codes. You can generally come down any time from 11am to early evenings when the green is free for individual or group practice at no extra cost.

What do I wear and do you provide bowls?

The club colours are grey (trousers or skirt) and white (tops), you do not need anything fancy. You also need completely flat shoes. However, you do not need to worry too much about kit initially as the club has a selection of bowls and bowls shoes available for new members to use to get started.

Can I play more competitively?

Yes, and this is where all the social bowling and roll-ups are put into practice. You can sign up to play in any number of friendly and league matches with other local clubs. We have a comprehensive fixture list during the season. All members can enter our range of internal club competitions with a finals weekend in early September each year. Members can also compete in individual, pairs and trips in the County Leagues.

For 2024 we are participating in;      

  •  Afternoon league: Two rinks of 3 players, 3 bowls each, 18 ends.
  •  LCBC League of Country Bowling Clubs; 4 rinks of 3 players, 2 bowls each, 25 ends.
  •  TVL (Trent Valley League) 1,2,3,4; singles / pairs / trips / fours teams.
  •  Aussie Pairs 4 rinks of 2 players,4 bowls each.18 ends
  •  Local Friendlies; usually 4 rinks of 3 players, 3 bowls each, 18 ends & Tea and Biscuits
  •  Nine Internal Club Competitions ~ Ladies, Gents, Mixed & open pairs, Trips ~  with one specifically for those who have not won a competition previously and  to give ‘newer’ members a head start.

What does it cost?

Full membership for the 2024 season will be £62, which covers all roll-up afternoons and personal practice.  There is a small additional charge when taking part in league matches (£1.50 home / £1 away)and friendly matches (£1 home & away + teas) with other clubs and internal club competitions.

We also run a series of various winter activities during the colder weather.   

We offer non playing Associate memberships for only £10.

Where can I find out more?

Membership Application form download

For more information or to obtain any other membership application details please contact Dil :-

07879 425643 or email: dil.vowles@talk21.com