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Burton Joyce  Bowls Club

        Why not come along

      and give bowls a try this summer?

It is a great way to make new friends and have some gentle exercise in the fresh air.

We are a friendly club and you will always get a game even if you are a beginner.

Where are you?

The green is at the Poplars Sports Ground, Station Road, NG14 5AN just over the railway crossing going down to the river in Burton Joyce (turn at the Barbers).

When do you bowl?

At Burton Joyce Bowls Club members can bowl from the end of April to mid September, every day of the week from 11am until early evening, subject to the rinks being free.

Will I get a game even if I am a beginner?

The approach of our club is that we will always try to ensure that you get a game even if you are new to bowls or an experienced player, selection is not just based on the top or more experienced players.

Can I play just for fun?

We have social bowling on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons from 1.45-4pm. Usually a draw takes place to determine teams, so you will always be included and get to know people very quickly. We may also have fun games days which are usually held at the weekend.

Can I come down and just practice or arrange my own games?

Although we encourage all our members to mix in at the regular fixtures, the green is also available daily with the use of your own access codes. You can generally come down any time from 11am to early evenings when the green is free for individual or group practice at no extra cost.

What do I wear and do you provide bowls?

The club colours are grey (trousers or skirt) and white (tops), you do not need anything fancy. Ladies can bowl in trousers. You also need completely flat shoes. However, you do not need to worry too much about kit initially as the club has a selection of bowls and bowls shoes available for new members to use.

Can I play more competitively?

Yes, and this is where all the social bowling and roll-ups are put into practice. You can sign up to play in a any number of friendly and league matches with other local clubs. We have a comprehensive fixture list during the season. All members can enter our range of internal club competitions with a finals weekend in early September each year. Members can also compete in individual, pairs and trips in the County Leagues.

For 2020 we are participating in;      

Do you have disabled facilities?

We welcome all members and do our best to make the ground as easy to use as we can. We have a special Bowls Buggy wheelchair and ramp for members use, a special step to access the green if you need it and the pavilion has a ramp and disabled toilets. There are also toilets with wide doors at the ground. We will always make you feel included.

What does it cost?

Full membership for the 2020 season will be £50, which covers all roll-up afternoons and personal practice.  There is a small additional charge when taking part in league and friendly matches with other clubs (£1 away / £1.50 home) and internal club competitions.

We also run a series of various winter activities during the colder weather.   

We offer non playing Associate memberships for only £10.

Where can I find out more?

Membership Application form download

For more information or to obtain any other membership application details please contact Dil :-

     [0115] 9312300 or email: dil.vowles@NOSPAMtalk21.com


To reduce the amount of Spam e-mails we currently receive, inserted into the email address is the word NOSPAM, please remove to use this address in you email, or use the form on our CONTACTS page

Good afternoon folks!

Herewith I am giving you LOTS of information !  Its a lovely sunny day so go into the garden and read it please !!!

If you wish to bowl next week I must stress to you that you need to let Michelle know by 2pm Saturday at the latest. Further information HERE!.....

Please note there are also 3 attachments to peruse!

Burton Joyce Bowls Club

Bowling again…with a difference!

On Monday 1st June we will be back and partially up and running ! Just not in our usual guise!

There has been lots to consider and work through !!

We ask you now to read the information in this email very carefully , including the Bowls England attachment, because we MUST adhere to Parish Council and Government guidance otherwise we are in danger of being unable to use the facilities.


In the first instant, this season we offer a warm welcome to our new members. Unfortunately if you are new to bowls and do not have bowling shoes or bowls woods then we will have to delay your joining us as we are unable at this time to lend you equipment or provide coaching.

If you are wishing to play, and we hope you are, your subs are now due.

Due to the late start the Parish have agreed that our season will continue til early October. We feel the PC have been very reasonable with us since they have not had any  income to present but have diligently continued to maintain all facilities.

We are asking for your usual subs of £50, so £40 if you have paid social membership this year already. We believe this to be reasonable given our own extra expenditure and we are hoping that very soon we will have more opportunities to play, evenings and weekends and hopefully with more than 6 people in the grounds and 3 singles rinks in operation.

Please pay Patrick via online banking , that worked very well last time (please email or text him that you have done that) mob 0777 997 0269  or  patrickjf.mcdonough@aol.co.uk


Sort code 60-80-09

Account no. 36086223

Please make sure you put your name in the reference box.

 or by post/hand to his address.

Patrick McDonough

 28 St Helens Crescent , Burton Joyce

NG14 5DW

 PLEASE NOTE, you MUST pay subs before you play.


We have taken a lot of advice from the Bowls England website. They offer very useful guidance which we must adhere to.    

This document is attached. PLEASE READ IT VERY CAREFULLY


There has been a small working party producing our game plan. Again please read this carefully, Michelle is taking on a big job here so please be helpful.


To enable all those members that want to play bowls during the 'Lockdown' we will be holding a weekly 'draw' which instead of being played on Saturdays will be played over the whole week. It will be played as singles games with members' opponents selected on a random basis.

If you want to participate then email Michelle at pricehorne@btinternet.com by the preceding Saturday at 2pm when she will conduct the 'draw' for the following week.

The first draw will be on Saturday 30th May for play Monday 1st June -Friday 5th June.

You will be notified of the whole draw on Sunday morning (by Dil) including the date, time and opponent that you have been allocated in the following week.

To make this work if you enter the draw you must be flexible and accept any date, time or playing opponent.

The slots will be 10.30-12.00, 12.30-2.00 or 2.30-4.00 Monday to Friday.

In exceptional circumstances only where the selection doesn’t suit you it will be your responsibility to either swop your time slot with another pair on an allocated rink or find a substitute player, initially from the reserve list of players (if there are any) that you will also be sent or by contacting another member.

Any people that don’t make the draw as a result of all the slots being taken will take precedence the following week.

You must not take an unallocated time slot without checking first with Michelle to avoid double booking of rinks and clashes with any grounds maintenance. However, you can swop with another partner or pair using an existing allocated time slot without notifying her.

To avoid excessive travel, players from the same household where possible will be allocated the same time slot but not necessarily the same rink.

Due to the strict requirements of the Covid regulations and our agreement with the Parish Council, no spectators will be allowed and all games must be booked singles games, you must not turn up on spec expecting a game as only 6 people are allowed at the club at any one time.

Dependent on the number of entries each week it may be possible to draw two games per week after which any unallocated slots will then be open on a first come first serve basis for individuals to make up their own singles games (or individual practice) but again these must be booked with Michelle.

If this works more slots may become available in the evenings and weekends, subject to Parish Council agreement, this is currently being worked on.

Paper score cards are attached to this email, please use these if you wish.. We will not as yet be using scoreboards.

We trust that you will see this as an opportunity to get our season started if in a somewhat limited and controlled format but, it’s what we need to do until we can hopefully return to some sort of normality.


It goes without saying that Social distancing must take place.

If you have read the Bowls England information you will have seen that everything and anything must be sanitised before and after use.

For this purpose we have purchased antiseptic wipes and sanitiser. We encourage you however to provide your own individual sanitiser.

All locks must be sanitised before and after use, including the gate locks, plus all the equipment in use.

The toilets will be available for use if you really have to, but please try not to use them. If they are used you are responsible for sanitising everything in there that you have touched.

The green shed and the pavilion will be in LOCKDOWN. All the necessary equipment will be removed from the shed and left outside for this period. You must use your own bowls woods and shoes.

NO litter or rubbish must be left around the ground.

All rubbish, including wipes must be removed from the ground at the end of your session. We encourage you to provide your own plastic waste bag for this purpose.

New key pad details will follow.

We all hope that this will work successfully, we love our bowls so let’s make it work !!!

A lot to take in, I know !   

Best wishes         Dil Vowles (Secretary BJBC)

Email dil.vowles@talk21.com

Mob 07879425643

Links for  the following to view or print

                     IMORTANT Procedure to book play, unlock & lock
                     The complete Corvid 19 information below from Dil  
                     Bowls England guidance document
                     BJBC Risk Assessment
                     Score Cards
                     Membership Application Form